What is The Solar Map Project?

Regarding the decline of resources and climate change, the shift towards renewable energy is one of the main challenges communities face today. The vision of "The Solar Map Project" is to help public communities plan the installation of solar infrastructure by analysing the rooftop data with geospatial analysis. The map displays annotations of exisisting solar installations, rooftop areas and classifications as well as their respective solar energy potential based on common calculation models and known solar irradiance data of the respective region. On the long term, the goal of the project is also to provide a extensive data source for researchers and innovators with a crowd sourcing model for annotations and data upload as well as an intuitive API to harness the geojson data for machine learning models.

What's next for The Solar Map Project

  • Create a Crowdsourcing Application, where a community can annotate Solar Panels and Potential Installation Areas on their own, as well as upload energy production time series for their location, in order to create a valuable data source for energy researchers and innovators
  • Fine tune the mathematical models to achieve increasingly accurate solar potential calculations.

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