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JBL/Harman Update: Working on Publishing our Javascript Bindings for Harman Pulse 2, and Everest Elite700. These are Java to Javascript Bindings allowing a Webview, to take commands and Triggers directly from the Website onto the Harman Android SDK by Opening up a few of the Base Functions to the Bindings. This will be Hosted on Github, we are also Looking up how to Open up the same bindings in Xcode for iOS Builds. ~ This may take alittle more time, since we do not have a iOS Developer on our Team. But we are working on it. We may Launch the Android Based Bindings First, as to have a Release out for them, then Later Release the iOS Bindings.

Radix Domains Update: Thank you so Much for letting us use your registry Services, it was quick and Easy, and we will continue hosting our API through the Domain under "TheRescue.Tech" We are working on a API Documentations Page, which were unable to Complete at the Hackathon. Due to Time Constraints, and Sleep Deprivation.

.Club TLD Owner Update: Again you guys were the best. Awesome Domain name which we based our Product Name around. Unfortunately no matter what we try, the Domain`s Current Register. "" Will not provide anysort of Pointing System at all, Ive Setup both AName, and CName for the Domain and were unable to Provide a Functional Link for our website, which hurt us badly during the Presentation at the Hackathon. We will be Changing this over to Godaddy, it took us 2-4 Hours with tech Support to get them to even add the Domain too our account, even thou we had your Promotion Code, they Still Charged us over 30usd, and were unable to even get the DNS Service Portion Working. WE will continue to use the name "The Rescue Club" as well as the .club TLD for our Project. Thank you for that.

Cisco Spark Update: Its already Fully Implemented into our Core System, we will however be Providing Access too our Code, and Backends for Viewing, if the "Spark Team" would still like to see our Project <3

YaaS Update: We have made a new Account, and have changed our Code. To enable the Functions on the App we would like to Present our Code too you, and Backends for Viewing if you would still like to see, I will be contacting Alexander on this Topic soon. this time I have registered under

ZTE Update: We compiled our Application for KitKat, and it works on a Android Phone that is KitKat only we would like to Present the Application, as well as our Code for Viewing. This Integrates the Spark Video Conferencing System, as well as the Full Functionality of our Rescue Systems Web Setup. Also fully Works with Harmans Pulse 2 and Everest Elite700 Editions.

Twilio Update: We already have Full Implementation of the Twilio System for Secure Administration and Volunteer Registration, and Validation. Using a 2factor Auth System, that Provides Instant Keys to Cellphones associated too the Web Based Fingerprint Pulled when they attempt to Login or Register. We will be providing Access too our Code, as well as Backend for Viewing if you Would Still Like to See the Project <3

MapQuest Update: We`ve Implemented our System utilizing this already, we would like to Provide Access too our Code, and Frontend for Viewing if you would still like to see the Project <3 We have implemented this in Angular.js and utilizing have made a nice realtime overlay with MapQuest <3

Verizon ThingSpace: We still have your Hardware, we were unable to find your booth. We would like to request 2-3 Test Devices, so we can test the Functionality further with our Code. And provide the Ardunio Code for Viewing and along with our Backend if you would still Like to See the Project <3 Also please provide us with a Address to Return our current Test Device.

IBM Watson Update: We already have Full Implementation to our Facebook Messanger and Twilio Service Bot, for Requesting Emergency Information, and Generalized Help from a List of FAQ with Anwsers, to Provide the Most Direct Way for users to get information in a time of crisis. If you would still like to see the Project in action please tell us so we can provide the Messanger Link, and Twilio Number for Access <3

Amazon Alexa Update: We still have alittle work to do on the System, our base model works for Directions, and Notications but we havent gotten a chance to hook it too our twilio and fully Intergrate it into our Android App yet. We will post more Information on this as time comes.

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