I was in Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Andrew, and also lost everything I owned in Hurricane Ike. To see major incidents happening, people losing their homes, their lives. It makes me feel the same way I felt when I was homeless for 9 months because of Hurricane Ike. And we want to help those people.

What it does

The Rescue Club focuses on relief efforts, and management of rescuers/volunteers to rescue people in need. By providing Realtime Information, and Communication. This System utilizes more then 5 Different APIs, across Multitude of Platforms. Utilizing both Hardware, Software to Help those in Need.

Our System


Utilizing Angular.js for a Fast and Quick Responsive Site, we used Twitter Bootstrap for the Visual Component.

MapQuest handled all our Map Overlay Portions, by utilizing as created a Realtime Overlay specificly for MapQuest, to allow for Rescuers to check "Locations" which have been registered for Assistance from the Public as well as from those at those Locations in need.

Cisco Spark was utilized to handle all of our Text, Voice, and Large Scale Communications. This allows our Volunteers, and Managers of those Volunteers to get Connected Quickly, by either Voice, Video, or Text. By using Twilio we were able to Bridge Communication to SMS incase the Volunteers, or Managers were unable to use Internet on their Phones.

We created a Set of Bindings for Java to allow for Android Webviews to Control Harman Products directly from a Website. Giving direct Information, and Notifications in realtime thanks to and Javascript. This allowed, for Directions, Notifications, and even Messages from Cisco Spark to be Utilized directly from the Website, and onto the Harman Pulse 2, and Harman Everest Elite700


We used Node.js for our Backend Server. Utilizing Cluster, Express, Mongoose, cors, randexp, twilio, cisco spark, ibm watson, facebook messanger, body-parser, async, crypto we made 1 Hell of a Insane API @.@ Lolz

The Features are insane, facebook messanger bot combined with data which is added into our FAQ Data Model, is fed into Watson to give people Accurate information, on their needs and question. We also combined this directly with Twilio to allow a SMS Varation of this same System to be used. For Kicks.

Implementation of the YaaS Micro-Transaction System to allow for Anonymous Payments, to those who are Victims in a Crisis, from anyone from around the World. The Idea was to give people the ability to help others, they may not be here to clear someone out of the rubble, and donations to Charity Organizations arent always used correctly. This gives people the Ability to Donate directly to those in need, to those in a crisis. When it really Counts the Most. This system is not ment for Business Transactions, only for Donations to Direct Individuals during the Crisis and Afterwords. to provide Realtime Tracking of GPS Enabled Devices, as well as Connection to Interface Cisco Spark, to trigger Calls, and Force Modes for the Harman Hardware. As well as Send quick updates of Information Directly Associated to Locations, and Incidents.

Twilio Login, Verifcation, and Sign-up System to Allow for Full SMS or Call based Setup of a Account, as well as Linking them Directly to a Manager, to beable to keep a Chain of Command, as well as know who to contact during the Crisis to find out what to do next, or to even call those as a massive Group Call. Giving them the ability to Send out Updates directly.

Our IBM Watson Intergration comes from our FAQ System, which is 1 Data Modal, that Stores Questions and Anwsers. Allowing it to be Queried for Information Quickly and Efficently.

Android Build

Implementation of the Overall Android SDKs for Harman Pulse 2 and Everest Elite700 we did a Custom Java Bindings Setup allowing for Javascript Commands to be Triggered within a Webview, to allow complete Control over the Harman Products. This allows us to update, Sounds, Visuals in Realtime. Combined with it it gave us the Ability to Send Directions and Notifications directly to the Products without anysetup or settings changes.

Arduino Build

This is where we utilized the Verizon Thingspace System, but we however didnt use their API calls we simply used a Arduino Uno ontop and then Made Calls directly to the Webservice, this way it was simple. We loved the GPS Module <3 And the Screen did allow us to display information, and Communications errors, along with our amount of Requests, Sent, and the Connection Data Pool Size.

Utilized Hardware

This is where we had the most fun, utilizing the Verizon Thingspace Hardware, the Harman Hardware, we created some amazing things. We are looking to focus on Rescue Relief Efforts, and Hardware thats associated too that! We made a Special Android Build for the ZTE Devices, we cant wait to Test the Build on the Devices to Perfect the System.


We used a .tech Domain which will be for Hardware, and our APIs for Rescue Services, and Equipment to be handed out in time of crisis. Thanks to Radix Registery.

We used a .club Domain which will host the Main Front-end of our Product for Visitors, and Volunteers. Thanks to the TLD Owner of .club we utilized the Domain in our Project. Thanks ^_^

How we built it

Over the Course of the Hackathon we Got the System running and Functional. It wasnt untill after the Hackathon we Started to Work on Getting it Polished, and Reinforced. It took alot of reading Documentation, thankfully most of us have used a majority of the Services before. We utilized Node.js, Angular.js, along with Android Studio, and Atom to complete this Project. And now we are utilizing them again to make it even better.

Challenges we ran into

Alot of DNS Issues, several hours with Support on and alot of headaches with how cold it was at the hackathon, at one point in time we were so cold we got into shivers, unable to type only to put our hands into our shirts to keep warm. Thankfully that only wasted about 2-3 hours of our time. Learning how to make Java to Javascript bindings was a whole nother thing. Along with Implementing of Harman Java APIs to Javascript that was fun.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

JBL Harman Java to JavaScript bindings. Implementation of YaaS, and Spark. Being able to work with Verizon Thingspace! And being able to Attend the Hackathon!

What we learned

ALOT about the APIs from Alexa, Spark, Watson, YaaS, the Difficulties of DNS Portal. And about bringing Blankets, and Snuggies to a Warehouse Hackathon. As well as the overall Intergration of Harman that was awesome.

What's next for Rescue.Club

Working on bringing the Front-end to a more Visual look, and redesigning the Android app to be alittle more Stream Lined, publishing of the Java to Javascript Harman Android SDK Bindings, to allow Harmans Everest Elite700 and Pulse 2 to be controlled directly from a web browser. On your Android Device. As well as Focus on getting the Domain for TheRescue.Club moved to GoDaddy to Ensure the DNS isnt a issue, and Launch the Site Live! Publishing of "The Rescue Club" onto the Google Play Marketplace, and work on a iOS Build to duplicate the Harman Integration like we did on Android.

**Working on getting ZTE to Test a Build for us, to make sure our System for Family to Stream and Check for those who are in need of help, and closure to make sure their family Members are safe, visually and audibly. As well as making sure the System works for our Volunteer Communication Platform those those who need to keep in touch during a crisis.

Features List

  • Web 2 Android Communications with Harman Everest Elite 700 & Pulse 2 Products.
  • The ability for those in a Crisis to Find information via the Web or SMS.
  • The ability for those in a Crisis to Find out where to help, and Volunteer to help.
  • Provide Direct Micro-Transactional Payments to those in Need, not to Large Donation Companies, but Directly to the Person in need.
  • Realtime Communication Voice, Video and Text. Along with Web Based Notifications, for Volunteers.
  • Realtime Configuration of the Harman Products for Geo-Fence Noise Cancelation Points, Direction Notifications, Instructions, and Conferences.
  • Volunteer Group based Communication, and Notification.
  • Managed Responsibility Hierarchy System, to know who is responsible for what, and who to report too.
  • For those in Need of Help during a Crisis, turn Harman Pulse 2 into a Distress Beacon, to Notify those around you Visually and Audibly.
  • For those Helping during a Crisis, turn Harman Pulse 2 into a Response Beacon, listening for "Distress Beacon" Calls as well as Spitting out Server Configured Messages "We Are here to Help, Please Response." When Distress Beacon is Heard, Notify the Harman Everest Elite700 to Cancel Noise Cancelation, and Notifies the Location to the Server, for More Searching is Required.
  • FAQ Public & Volunteer Based Information System, linked to a Facebook Messanger/Twilio Bot powered by Watson, to Provide realtime Anwsers to peoples Questions, if not Found, records the Question to be Anwsered Later.
  • Realtime Rescue/Location Check Request System. And Overlaying Map to Allow those who need Volunteers to check a Location in a Time of a Crisis.
  • Realtime Notification System for Requests on Locations, along with a Map showing the Locations of Volunteers out on Location Checks. Allowing people to See what is happening, either Publicly or Privately.
  • Multiple Map System, the ability to Create new Maps on the Fly, Hide Maps, or Publicly make them Available. With the Ability to Store and Retrieve Informaiton on Associated Maps Quickly and Effectively.
  • Volunteer based Communications Platform, utilizing Cisco Spark, to have Rooms for Law Enforement, Red Cross, and a Multitude of Other Organizations during a Crisis, to handle Communication, and Associated too "The Rescue Club" Platform. As well as Providing Channels Associated to Volunteers during a Crisis.
  • Voice and Video Communications for Volunteers, during the Crisis.
  • Geofencable Locations, to Enable Disable Harman Products, as well as Associated Devices and Notifications.
  • Spacial Audio Telepresence Conferencing for People managing Volunteers off Site, by providing a WebVR Experience combined with the Harman Spacial Audio System to give Orders, and Information Directly Associated too who the Speaker is Talking too. *More to be Added Just going over the Source, and all our Notes. Will Type the Rest Later.

Built With

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posted an update

JBL/Harman Update: Working on Publishing our Javascript Bindings for Harman Pulse 2, and Everest Elite700. These are Java to Javascript Bindings allowing a Webview, to take commands and Triggers directly from the Website onto the Harman Android SDK by Opening up a few of the Base Functions to the Bindings. This will be Hosted on Github, we are also Looking up how to Open up the same bindings in Xcode for iOS Builds. ~ This may take alittle more time, since we do not have a iOS Developer on our Team. But we are working on it. We may Launch the Android Based Bindings First, as to have a Release out for them, then Later Release the iOS Bindings.

Radix Domains Update: Thank you so Much for letting us use your registry Services, it was quick and Easy, and we will continue hosting our API through the Domain under "TheRescue.Tech" We are working on a API Documentations Page, which were unable to Complete at the Hackathon. Due to Time Constraints, and Sleep Deprivation.

.Club TLD Owner Update: Again you guys were the best. Awesome Domain name which we based our Product Name around. Unfortunately no matter what we try, the Domain`s Current Register. "" Will not provide anysort of Pointing System at all, Ive Setup both AName, and CName for the Domain and were unable to Provide a Functional Link for our website, which hurt us badly during the Presentation at the Hackathon. We will be Changing this over to Godaddy, it took us 2-4 Hours with tech Support to get them to even add the Domain too our account, even thou we had your Promotion Code, they Still Charged us over 30usd, and were unable to even get the DNS Service Portion Working. WE will continue to use the name "The Rescue Club" as well as the .club TLD for our Project. Thank you for that.

Cisco Spark Update: Its already Fully Implemented into our Core System, we will however be Providing Access too our Code, and Backends for Viewing, if the "Spark Team" would still like to see our Project <3

YaaS Update: We have made a new Account, and have changed our Code. To enable the Functions on the App we would like to Present our Code too you, and Backends for Viewing if you would still like to see, I will be contacting Alexander on this Topic soon. this time I have registered under

ZTE Update: We compiled our Application for KitKat, and it works on a Android Phone that is KitKat only we would like to Present the Application, as well as our Code for Viewing. This Integrates the Spark Video Conferencing System, as well as the Full Functionality of our Rescue Systems Web Setup. Also fully Works with Harmans Pulse 2 and Everest Elite700 Editions.

Twilio Update: We already have Full Implementation of the Twilio System for Secure Administration and Volunteer Registration, and Validation. Using a 2factor Auth System, that Provides Instant Keys to Cellphones associated too the Web Based Fingerprint Pulled when they attempt to Login or Register. We will be providing Access too our Code, as well as Backend for Viewing if you Would Still Like to See the Project <3

MapQuest Update: We`ve Implemented our System utilizing this already, we would like to Provide Access too our Code, and Frontend for Viewing if you would still like to see the Project <3 We have implemented this in Angular.js and utilizing have made a nice realtime overlay with MapQuest <3

Verizon ThingSpace: We still have your Hardware, we were unable to find your booth. We would like to request 2-3 Test Devices, so we can test the Functionality further with our Code. And provide the Ardunio Code for Viewing and along with our Backend if you would still Like to See the Project <3 Also please provide us with a Address to Return our current Test Device.

IBM Watson Update: We already have Full Implementation to our Facebook Messanger and Twilio Service Bot, for Requesting Emergency Information, and Generalized Help from a List of FAQ with Anwsers, to Provide the Most Direct Way for users to get information in a time of crisis. If you would still like to see the Project in action please tell us so we can provide the Messanger Link, and Twilio Number for Access <3

Amazon Alexa Update: We still have alittle work to do on the System, our base model works for Directions, and Notications but we havent gotten a chance to hook it too our twilio and fully Intergrate it into our Android App yet. We will post more Information on this as time comes.

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