Coming into this challenge our motivation has been to utilise the Yo API in a new and innovative way. Looking at the current services built with Yo, we discover two main categories: suggestion and notification services. “The Moon is Made of Cheese” takes the Yo API in a new direction. It showcases how the scope of the Yo API can be broadened to encompass a whole lot more without losing touch with the simplicity that is at the core of the Yo app. With that in mind, “The Moon is Made of Cheese” utilizes the Yo app as a game controller for an online cooperative challenge. All through the magic of the Yo API. But the Yo app is not limited to being a controller. We used the Yo API as a foundation for the entire service. Creating a user and managing ones account all goes through the Yo app, thereby using the Yo app as authorization. In the end, what “The Moon is Made of Cheese” does best is expanding upon the straightforward, user-friendly and minimalistic user experience found in the Yo app.

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