Amidst a global pandemic, shopping online has become more common than ever. However, this has not changed the fact that the fast fashion industry is a major polluter, accounting for approximately 10% of global carbon emissions annually. A simple step we can all take is to shop second hand when looking to buy clothes, reducing fibre waste and carbon emissions.

What it does

Our extension makes it easy for users to find second hand clothing online, while remaining relevant to today's trends. When shopping, a user simply has to open our extension and with one click they will be presented with clothing options from online thrift and resale stores similar to those they are viewing from a fast fashion retailer.

How we built it

First, we made a design prototype to showcase what we envisioned the extension would look like as a final product. We included several panels to demonstrate the proposed functionality of the extension, and a few logo designs.

Then, we built the basic framework and behavior of the extension using HTML/CSS and JavaScript.

Challenges we ran into

With limited time, we were not able to implement a web scraper to gather results in real time for our extension. This was something our team discussed a lot, so it is open as an avenue to continue developing the extension in the future.


The submitted extension is not far from our initial prototype and effectively demonstrates the functionality we had in mind for the extension. We as a team are proud of what we managed to accomplish in two short days, having only met each other at the beginning of this weekend!

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