Life goes around in circles and it is always said, to move forward, you have to give back! The very first learnings or the teachings were offered by the elderly in the house. With the growing technology and advancements in technical fields at a tremendous rate, the goal is to use this technology, not teach it to the elders, but help them live life in this fast paced world.

What it does

The current scope of the project includes:

  1. Fall Detection
  2. Live Location Tracking
  3. Live Camera Feed
  4. Motion Based Light Switching

How we built it

Brainstorming played a key role in coming up with this project. We brainstormed the problems that the elderly people face during their day to day routine and tried to identify their root causes. From all the ideas we penned down and narrowed it to these four important issues for the scope of this hack.

Fall detection - For fall detection we used accelerometer interfaced with Arduino to detect change in acceleration along the axis perpendicular to the board. By giving some threshold, the change in axis is differentiable for the person walking, and actually falling.

Live Location tracking - We used Arduino's GPS module to track the live location of the stick. The family members of the person are completely aware of the whereabouts of the stick and eventually the elderly person. The coordinates are transmitted using a wireless point to point transmission module called XBEE.

Live Camera feed - For camera feed we integrated a PI camera module to Raspberry Pi and connected the Raspberry to a wifi network. Anyone on this wifi network can access the live camera feed through a common IP address. This can be further enhance to upload the stream on the web.

Motion based light switching - To detect the gestures we placed an Ultrasonic sensor in front of the stick. As soon as it detects the gesture, a bunch of LED's get turned on to help the person navigate in the night.

Challenges we ran into

The main challenges we ran into were around the area of understanding the problems faced by elders and to solve them with the thing which will be present with the elderly at all times of the day.

The technical challenges we faced were

  • Calibrating the gyroscope.
  • Inefficiency of GPS module in congested environment.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Successful testing with the working prototype in real time.
  • Doing something for one of the most important people in our lives.

What's next for The Helping Hand

  • Sophisticated Localization and Path Planning Algorithm to be applied in order to increase GPS accuracy and in addition to that, guidance can also be given inside the house.
  • LTE module to be integrated with the system for better connectivity, giving us instant calling and messaging feasibility.
  • Integrating the module with the RFID tag or any other smart key solutions, for entering into the house. The burden of carrying an extra thing is reduced and now the stick is the key.

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