Astronomy is cut and dry when all you have is a textbook. We want students to be excited about space and the progress yet to make in the field! What better way to share our enthusiasm for our solar system and outer space than to recreate it in augmented reality so it comes alive? Also, an intense love on my part for Star Trek.

What it does

Scan the target images with your phone and watch the solar system come to life! Watch the planets orbit the sun and rotate on their axis, just like in real life. Scan individual planets to have a read a description of them and learn more!

How we built it

With a winning combination of Unity, the Vuforia library, and assets personally created in Illustrator, The Final Frontier is a labor of love.

Challenges we ran into

The smallest things can set you back, and technical difficulties became a problem when my laptop went unresponsive and had to be restarted multiple times. Perseverance and patience became our best friends.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating scripts for the rotation and orbit of the planets was a challenge and we're so glad to have triumphed! The textures for the planets were all made by us in Illustrator and they look lovely.

What we learned

Never forget to add the Vuforia license to a Unity AR project! Take a deep breath and push through, you'll make it as long as you don't give up.

What's next for The Final Frontier

We plan to add all the planets and more information about each. After that, the next "frontier" for The Final Frontier would be... Mixed Reality (XR) with the Magic Leap headset!

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