ThanX Finance is a DeFi project on the TRON blockchain with a goal to build a crypto reward platform, where users have the opportunity to automatically take part in a multi-brand crypto-based reward & loyalty program by collecting, redeeming, staking, and trading THANX tokens all in one place.


Our love for crypto and the desperation to make it more accessible for people and retailers inspired our idea.

Moreover, we were fed up with the decades-old, point-based loyalty programs and by not taking part in hundreds of programs we realized that we are leaving money on the table when we shop online. So we decided to revolutionize this with the power of blockchain and came up with a solution by connecting brands with customers while accelerating crypto adoption.


Our mission is to make cryptocurrencies more accessible both for people and retailers.

We believe that by accelerating the transition to adopting cryptocurrencies, we help:

  1. People to earn crypto while shopping and save money when redeeming THANX tokens for discounts and gift cards
  2. Retailers to adapt to cryptocurrencies without any hassle and gain a new crypto-based audience to increase revenue
  3. To make cryptocurrencies more acceptable & accessible overall


Our future product is a web-based extension and a mobile application with a 3rd party wallet connection (Klever, Tronlink, Vision, etc.) on the TRON blockchain.

The users can see all the brands and browse our partners' websites via our link in order to earn THANX tokens when shopping and never miss the crypto-cashback possibility.

Our goal is to make a safe, simple and fun reward- and loyalty program using decentralized blockchain technology. By registering at ThanX Finance (via Google, Apple account or an email), users can automatically take part in a multi-brand crypto loyalty program.


Onboarding partners can be time-consuming and integrating their systems into ours requires a lot of work while making everything smooth and automatic.


We designed a prototype of our future mobile application, launched our website, set up our company, and onboarded global brands, like Travala, PUMA, AliExpress, BiotechUSA and Udemy. To make this happen we - the Co-Founders - resigned from our full-time position to fully focus on ThanX Finance.

What we learned

Through our journey, we learned not to procrastinate until everything is perfect, but to take action, execute and progress along the way.

We also learned a lot about fintech solutions like PSD2 regulation in Europe and also had discussions with Mastercard about open banking & other fintech solutions. This was necessary as our long-term goal is to have the ability to earn crypto not just by shopping online, but also by shopping offline in a brick-and-mortar store.

What's next for ThanX Finance

We have a long-term plan that includes going multi-chain and real-world use cases via open banking technology and ThanXPay.

Once the Hackathon is finished we will extend our team and launch our web extension and token. After beta testing, we will deploy our mobile app and add new features.


2021: Idea was born, Business plan, prototyping, teaming up.

2022 Q1-Q2: Website development, company creation, whitepaper and partnerships.

2022 Q3-Q4: Browser extension development, community building, token launch and investor pitch.

2023 Q1-Q2: Lisiting on major exchanges, app developement and adding new features.

2023 Q3-Q4: Launching crypto-cashback for offline shopping with open banking technology and introducing ThanX Pay.

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posted an update

On 26th October our token $THANX was successfully launched on Just.Money with more than 15.000 USDT volume and 100%+ price increase.

If you’d like to be part of our journey, you can do so by buying some $THANX here:

What to know about it our token?

  • custom made TRC20 utility token with low-supply
  • fair launch without any pre-sale
  • deflationary token with buyback & burn mechanism
  • will be used for cashback, staking rewards, tier levels, donations and as a means of payment for gift cards and discounts

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posted an update

Hey everyone!

We keep on building so we decided to get you some updates as a lot of things are coming together!

Let’s introduce the key mentors that joined our journey and will assist ThanX:

Miklós K.: CFO & COO at Antavo Loyalty Management Platform

Margó K.: Strategic Management and Digital Marketing Consultant

With their help, we're sure we will take this project to the next level.

Bear with us for more exciting news!

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posted an update

ThanX Finance has been selected to participate in a 3-month long mentor program, powered by Design Terminal, the biggest innovation agency in the CEE region!

What this means for the project?

  • 1 on 1 mentoring with industry experts
  • new partnerships
  • PR
  • networking & community building

It’s time to take ThanX to the next level! More updates will follow!

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posted an update

UPDATE time! Our DEMO Extension is live!

We developed a demo version of our extension to showcase what we are constantly working on and for you to check it out!

Although this is not the final product yet as it was created for illustrational, informational and testing purposes, it already contains deep links that we are tracking, and you can already use it. More features will be added along the way and the design will get some boost as well. While you cannot collect tokens yet, this version already contains our partners and shows the future cashback rate, so you can support us by clicking on the brands and making a purchase.

Here are the parts of the demo extension:

  1. signup and login page
  2. home page with total balance, partners and cashback rate
  3. how it works page
  4. transfer funds page

If you’re keen to try it out, please follow the steps on our website:

Also, the GitHub Repo is here as well:

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posted an update

Hey, time for an UPDATE!

We’re getting ahead of our roadmap as we’re already building our browser extension! Although great work takes some time, we’re sharing a simplified version of the development process so you can review our product and give some extra ideas!

Here are the parts that we’re working on:

Sign Up / Login Page a. Main UI - with sign up and login b. Sign up Methods - email or google or apple c. Sign up Form Page - to sign up with email d. Sign up Google Compatibility e. Sign up Apple Compatibility f. Forgot Password Page g. Panel to add, remove, edit and see the users

Shop Page: a. Balance - Current and pending balance that updates with token price b. Search Bar c. Categories - all stores, Most popular, Highest Crypto Cashback - with analyzing purchases and calculating the most popular ones d. Filters - by country, travel, electronics etc. e. List of stores f. List of popular deals - store deals with the most purchases g. List of featured offers

Store Page: a. main UI - store image, cashback, activate rewards b. popup UI - when users visits a partner site c. Related stores

Faq page

Contact Us Page: a. Contact info b. Contact form - send an email

Wallet Page: a. Balance b. Transaction list - for deposits and withdrawals with pending, completed and canceled state c. Transaction details - clicking on transaction will show more info - purchase, product, time d. Claim reward

Account settings: a. Change avatar, first name and last name b. Change password

Profile Page: a. UI for the list of buttons for pages b. Affiliate - Get affiliate code and detect when a user signs up with affiliate link c. Share app on multiple social medias and copy link

Track User (on partner’s page): a. Track user if he is on a partner’s page we have offer for and the popup will open to notify him about it b. Popup with a button to activate cashback

Terms & services page

Partner Integration: a. Update stores - Cron job to get list of all stores and also update them and store them in db b. Update transactions - Cron job to detect if new purchase added or state updated (pending to approved) c. Create track link for user

Firefox Compatibility - convert chrome extension to firefox

Notification: a. Detect Notifications in extension b. Purchase approved - notify user that the purchase is approved and added to his balance c. Withdrawal completed - if user claim his reward notify when he get the funds on his wallet

As you might see, our work is really complex both on frontend and backend. But no worries, we have 3 developers working on this task to bring you an awesome extension that you’ll love.

Earning crypto should be easier, and we’re doing just that for this awesome community!

Psst, within 24 hours we will also share a demo version for you to check. :sunglasses:

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posted an update

Dear #TRONICS, we’re coming with one of the biggest UPDATE for you about what’s been happening lately with our project.

  1. We’re happy to announce that we’ve extended our team with a new member, Satyam Modanwal who will be helping in Community Management. As we’re getting some nice traction lately, we’d like to assist you even faster regarding any questions in our newly launched Telegram group: Telegram: Contact @ThanX_Finance_Official

  2. We also redesigned our website a little and added a new page for our Whitepaper & Tokenomics.

  3. Now the fun part! Although we kept announcing our partners on different channels, to be transparent we’re sharing a full list of brands that joined our program and where our users will be able to earn cryptoback.

Here is a list of all brands & partners in our program:

Udemy | BioTechUSA | NameCheap | Deporte Outlet | | MyToys | GeekBuying | PUMA | FOREO | TheBodyShop | BrewDog | AliExpress | AboutYou | AlphaZoo | Hostinger | Nature's Finest | | SafePal | Vevor | Parfumdreams | Football Factor | Karcher | Groupon EMEA | Shop Apotheke

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posted an update

We got good questions on the TRON DAO Forum about the open banking technology which we are going to implement in our app next year. We think it's worth sharing here too!

"What do you mean by open banking technology, how it will be implemented in your solution?"

Basically, with open banking technology authorized third-party institutions (mostly FinTech companies) can access banking data in a secure way with of course the user’s permission. This is due to the European PSD2 regulation which aims to accelerate financial innovation. In our case, when we launch our mobile application we are going to use this technology to make it possible to earn crypto while shopping offline in a brick-and-mortar store. This will give an opportunity to the users to collect crypto after offline spending by sharing transactional data with us.

"And how safe is this? I mean sharing this kind of data?"

Overall, open banking is highly regulated and secured in Europe because:

  • Open banking API endpoints have been built by the banks and they are constantly tested by them and regulated third parties.
  • Businesses using this technology have to undergo a very strict audit made by financial regulators (usually national banks).
  • Users never share passwords or credentials and they are in full control of what information they want to share and with whom. Besides, every 90 days, users have to re-enable permission to share data. At the launch of our mobile app security will be the number one priority, so we are testing Mastercard’s open banking solution because they have reputable expertise in this.

"To use your mobile app will it be mandatory to enable this open banking solution? Or it is just a choice for users to make?"

It’s totally up to the users! In the beginning, you will be able to earn crypto when shopping online through our browser extension, where open banking won’t be available. Later, when we launch the mobile app, it will be up to the users whether he/she enables open banking or not. However, it will be necessary to enable open banking feature in order to get crypto after offline shopping too.

Hope you will find this information useful. Please don't hesitate to leave a comment with your thoughts & questions!

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posted an update

Time for our 3rd UPDATE!

We are listing partners on our website, like PUMA, Udemy, Aliexpress, NameCheap, FOREO to keep you updated where you will be able to earn crypto when you shop. So far more than 15 popular brands have joined our program!

However, we are not live yet, you can support our project by clicking on the brands on our website and making a purchase. From the commission we receive, we will buy THANX tokens at launch to support the price growth of our token.

We are constantly negotiating with new partners to bring you even more opportunities to earn crypto when you shop, so keep checking our website and Twitter.

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posted an update

We're coming up with a little update about what's been going on behind the scenes since we applied for the Hackathon:

  • we published our roadmap on our website;

  • we're adding new partners & started to introduce them on Twitter (@ThanXFinance)

  • we're live on the TRON DAO Forum, so you can shoot your questions at

  • we're breaking down the tasks & time needed for the development of our extension, including frontend, backend and UI, UX design

Our Whitepaper & Tokenomics is being finalized currently, so they will be released in the coming days. We will update you here about that too!

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