Nowadays everyone can say : “ I m a gamer “. From the intensive one to the one who play on Sunday evening with friends on smartphone’s FPS.

Some of us even have decided to make a job out of this passion for gaming, sharing it, becoming celebrities and bringing together their fans, promoting videogames and gameplays they judge interesting. The streamers are a key to make this community standing as a social one.

Behind a videogame stand teams, thinking how to provides real feeling through virtuality. How to create atmosphere in which everyone wanna jump into and get immerged in.


However there are still gamers communities evolving without this social interactive perspective that offers E-sport. The interaction between Streamers and gamers in such communities is still very passive and basic. On one hand you got the streamer, sharing is passion and on the other hand, you got the gamer watching the stream like he would watch TV, that’s all. Kinda casual, don’t you think ? Precisely where it could be much more ...

So what about a centralised place, alike an arena. This arena would provide a common aera which will reunate the three flow in one ? A place where every videogames will become an E-sport ?


Let us introduce you : Tfog. Three Flow, One Game.

An arena of competition where every gamer will have this opportunity to record an action performed by the streamer, using a plug-in installed on his machine. This plug-in will upload the recorded information on the platform.

Once the streamer keyboard-mouse actions recorded, you as a gamer, and via another plug-in installed on your machine you will have the opportunity to learn the action, assimilate it and perform it on your turn.

And finally, you will have the possibility to share your achievement on Tfog, feeding the community with your experience. You will let know the streamer that they bring you something more, and to the dev that their games is more than just entertainment.

Let ‘s connect three flow in one around Tfog, an interactive and competitive social media, created and think for gamers all around the world.

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