There are many Technical Events, Meetups, Hackathons, and Conferences being organized all over India on the daily basis. Most of these events are scattered all over the internet on Devpost, Devfolio, Twitter, Discord, Random google forms, and on. We are building a full-fledged Decentralized event management platform, where all the events are added and verified in a decentralized way, all the data of events and users are dealt with using smart contracts and there is no fear of any data breach. We have integrated multiple services and packages on top of this to enhance the features and improve the developer experience.

What it does

Techv3nt is a decentralized event management platform. To list an event, the organizer has to connect his/her metamask wallet. Once the wallet is connected, the organizer can list out the event. All the event data filled out by the organizer is stored in smart contracts. These contracts are deployed on 5ire and Goerli Test Network. But for the event to be listed on the main events page, it has to be verified. The admin checks all the details and then verifies the event. After that, the event is listed on the main events page and users are able to see and register for it.

How we built it

For the front end, we have used React js. All the smart contracts to create and verify events and users are written in solidity. These contracts are deployed on Goerli TestNet and 5ire networks. For connecting these smart contracts to front end, we have used Ether js. User onboarding is done using Rainbow Kit. We have created the custom chain for 5ire network on Wagmi Provider.The incentivized NFT(poap) is minted using NFTPORT on goerli test net.

Challenges we ran into

This project has been very challenging for all of us. User onboarding is a serious problem in web3 Dapps. To solve this issue we tried to implement the web3Auth which maps the wallet address to the gmail address. The main issue which we faced was accessing the web3auth provider which was needed to sign and send transactions. Whenever someone tries to create an event on Techv3nt the creator of the event needs to pay some gas fees. We tried to use the oppenzepplin gasless transaction contract but encountered a lot of versions and path-related errors. We also faced some trouble while accessing the data stored on the smart contracts. While importing the wagmi and rainbowkit packages we encountered polyfill errors. After hours of digging on google we finally found a solution to solve this problem. Though we were able to solve the majority of errors it was really a challenging project for all of us.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The whole logic right from the creation of the event to the verification of the event is carried out in smart contracts. Not even a single piece of data is stored on any centralized server which saves any potential data breach in the future. All the smart contracts are deployed on 5ire network and Goerli testnet and can be viewed on any famous blockchain explorer such as Etherscan. We have implemented the authentication using Rainbowkit. Users can switch between the Goerli and 5ire network . We have added a custom chain in Rainbowkit to incorporate the absence of 5ire in the wagmi provider. All the interactions of contract and frontend take place through the 5ire network chain. We have also implemented private routes in Techv3nt which strengthens the overall security of the dapp.

What we learned

Before the start of hackathon we were totally unaware of the 5ire blockchain. This was the first time where we interacted with the 5ire blockchain . We learned how to deploy the smart contracts on 5ire blockchain . We also learned about sending and signing transactions on 5ire blockchain. We had a little experience of using rainbowkit with goerli and pre defined chains on wagmi but we never really knew that rainbowkit can be used with custom chains. It was our first attempt to create a custom chain and use it across the application.We had an idea about connecting smart contracts to the front end. But mapping different entities like events and users with each other in solidity in a smart contract and retrieving that data on the front end was not an easy task. Events in solidity was a really new concept for all of us . We had not tried events before this hackathon and it was really a great learning experience We have known proof-of-attendance-protocols poap's since a couple of years, in HTF season-3 we explored how we can use the power of poap to create a reward-based system. We explored the official api of as well.

What's next for Techv3nt

Currently, we are able to add events, verify them, and create/update user info. But all these actions require gas fees. Our next goal is to make all these transactions gasless. We also plan to send email notifications to users and organizers when a new event is verified and listed on the events page. Another feature we are planning on implementing is that after the event is verified, the organizer who listed the event on Techv3nt platform will earn a poap(incentive) from Techv3nt team. Also, tech events happening will be marked on the map and users will be able to see all the tech events happening near them.

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