project for Technica2018

It’s hard to know whats going on around the world. Usually, we’re so focused on what’s going on around -us- that everything else gets drowned out.

This was the idea that inspired GlobeLight. I believe that this map will unify people and give life to the places we can't physically see. GlobeLight is a map that shows real time data of geological events that are happening around the world. It will project things like earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes--with this map, we will be able to know what's going on around the world.

My end goal for this project is to make a functional art piece

I want to create a map of the world and cover it in LEDs that will change color depending on the events that are occurring. I believe my projects current state is a small step in that direction.

GlobeLight is a small web application that integrated google maps and real time geojson data from USGS (united stated geological service) to show the same information.

Currently shows

  • Earthquake Data
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