Project Name

Our project is Tech Tailors. Omar was the Marketing Analyst/Manager, April and Coriann were the Fashion Designers, Tyler was the Computer Scientist, and Steven was the Web Designer.

Built with

Let us know what you used to build your project. If you didn’t use any in a particular category please state n/a.

Hardware Used: Arduino Minicontroller, Standard Radioshack Circle Motor Software Used: Arduino 1.8.6, Weebly, Adobe Illustrator Development Framework: Arduino 1.8.6 Libraries Used: servo.h, Weebly Materials Used: Digital printed silk twill, woven polyester, lining Fabrication Methods: patternmaking, serging, sewing, tailoring, digital fabric printing , embroidery and photoshop.


Everyone has a shirt that they love because it fits them so well. It makes them look good and feel good. We wanted to develop the technology to make a shirt that can adjust to anyone and fit them like it was tailor made.

What it does

Tech Tailor is an adjustable piece of clothing that can fit itself to anybody like it was tailor made for them. The process has a proof of concept that

How we built it

Please describe how you made your project. We made a design that fit our idea, made a pattern, designed the fabric, sewing the garment, made a website, programmed the motor, made t-shirts, designed the logo, made the technology and then integrated the technology into the garment.

Challenges we ran into

What challenges did you run into? Running the motor through jacket, zipper at waistline.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What are you proud of in regards to your project? The digital printed fabric, logo design, aesthetic, website. And most of all, the potential future application of this garment into the fashion industry.

What we learned

What did you learn? Takeaways and insights? Teamwork, we learned how to incorporate each others industries into the project; technology into fashion, fashion into technology.

What's next for your project

What are the next steps for your project? If you could continue developing your project, what would you do? Expand the sizing mechanism to other parts of the garment including sleeve length, garment length, and also to different types of clothing other than a jacket. Then sell the idea to high profile designers/companies to explain how a "one size fits all garment" can potentially reduce production cost for them and benefit customer sizing issues or needs.

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