With a name like Dungeon Masters, it may not be a surprise that a primary inspiration for the game was our shared love of Dungeons and Dragons. From the player classes to the monsters lurking throughout D&D is at the core of our game. Another major inspiration for the game is Rogue Legacy. The idea of heroic skills and hidden flaws are at the core of any good role play game, and are how we bond with our characters. Rogue Legacy managed to tap into this, making each play through memorable and every death meaningful. We hoped to emulate this a little as the player's destiny is forged almost from their very first click of the mouse.

Our game pits two players against each other. Their characters are randomly generated; some are epic heroes and some are law out of their depth. After discovering their character, they design the dungeons their rival's character will be traversing. Learn from their mistakes and adapt your dungeon to exploit their weaknesses. Shape the world around them to your benefit.

We built our game in Unity, drew it in illustrator, and voiced it with our own crude sound effects. The main challenge we confronted was indecision. For most of the first day the artist had two projects open; each drawn in a different style. We couldn't decide which to use, so lost significant time.

We've also learnt that more work must be done delegating tasks between the programmers. Despite all this, we've proud to have developed a game we truly believe has potential and hope you play Dungeon Masters and see for yourself. The future for Quick Controls is fairly clear; we are a group primarily formed from employees of Cyber Coach. After Jamchester, we'll get back to work making more games to educated and thrill children all over the UK.

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