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What it does

we are creating an easy to go booking and guidance portal to hotels , Mena's camp , Arafa's camp as well as nearest hospital Group Tracking & Management, Supported with VR Hajj rehearsal , SOS , e-payment using ring we give to our premium users services which they check in with in their hotel rooms and buy things during Nusuk in the holy areas which will allow them to not carry any wallet or anything as well find their location instantly.

In other words , next generation IoT making love to multi vendor ecommerce and wallet ;)

How we built it

wordpress / google APIs / Dukkan / Bookings / Travel agency engine/ facebook api

Challenges we ran into :

GPS tracking enquiry with google assistant Capturing VR Content During Hajj Not having the right hardware to test the ring for constant payment and check-in

Accomplishments that we're proud of

we developed back end and front end , integrated multivendor ecommerce system integrated with travel , hotels, flight booking system up and running

We have on ground more than 400 4x4 car drivers , as well as needed expertise and equipments to document Hajj and Tours in VR to develop our VR/AR Rehearsal gaming app later on and use it as content to promote our Offering

We have tested user experience during Umrah to know key bottle nicks in haram at least and later on we could do it in Hajj to have more isights

What we learned :

To have more Databases Value our user Grouping and being lost is one of the major issues in Hajj Hajj Building needs to be rented for the rest of the year which could generate more than 200, 000 jobs and at least 10 billion yearly which we will focus on getting its inventory from Ministry of Hajj to prepare for Air Bnb kind of rental that allow everyone to manage his inventory

One major revenue stream is organizing the bulk buyers inventory and selling in different hotels during Hajj and Umrah

What's next for Team P-080

we will continue working on developing the solution during Hajj season to input all available hotel inventory as well as enhancing the geo location tracking , geo fencing , using machine learning and VR content for Hajj rehearsal and other great experiences that hajjis , Umrah , and Visitors to have great destination marketing for our beloved kingdom

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