Nowadays, waste is a huge problem everywhere, especially in crowded places. more than billion of Muslims around the globe come to perform AL-Hajj in the same place and same time which cause many problems. while we are looking to these problems and its causes, we conclude that, one of the main cause is the waste. Therefore we deside to use the technology in inception prevention of uncivilized behavior and to spread the awareness of cleanliness by the most costless and funiest way.

What it does

This solution will encourage the pilgrims to keep and maintain cleanliness of holy shrines (Al-Mashaer Al-Moqadasah) by a simple cool interface that could be used from any users without the language dependency. The pilgrim need to throw the waste then scan the QR code which will appear on the small screen embeded in the trash, then the credit will be added!, these credit for sure could be replace by our partners coupons. The piligrim also could know the nearest trash to him through the offline map!!

How we built it

First, we use R studio to study the date we have about the waste worker and the amount of waste, then we start to built it as cross platform using HTML, CSS, javascript and php. We also built it as Anroid App using Android Studio. for the UI we use Adobe illustrator. and for sure we connect with google map API.

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are introduced a new concept of of cleanliness maintaining using such an entertainment platform, which provide a new neat experience for all pilgrims and one more important thing is that it will reduce the cost of waste mangment and waste worker obvouisly.

What we learned

Entertainment is a necessity.

What's next for TEAM P-073 - Trush monster

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