We were inspired by optimising management duties to reserve time from administrative duties of the operative foreman of Stara. We want to make sure that every position in Stara will feel more meaningful.

Inspired from optimising challenge between routine and unforeseen challenges while still having quite strict budget and man power at use. We want to show our companies passion towards optimisation.

What it does

We created a supportive data solution, that helps with vehicle maintenance forecasting, maintenance routing and the daily routines operational management. Our main focus is to break old routines in streets and parks by an innovative data approach. It optimises the maintenance by utilising an optimisation algorithm that is already in use in several of our solutions.

Because even machines can't be perfect, as the task is so demanding, and requires a lot of hidden knowledge of operative foreman. The perfect platform requires seamless interaction between human and machine to reach the most feasible optimisation.

How we built it

We have planned to integrate this concept to the already existing winter maintenance optimisation platform that was started this fall.

Challenges we ran into

Because our inspiration for this track began in the middle of the hackathon, we did not have enough time to build a working demo or properly utilise all of the offered databases. Fortunately we have managed to get an appointment with Stara 7.12 to discuss the possibilities further. So our challenge is to inspire and ensure Stara of our passion towards making this into a reality for next summer.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The limited time gave us a challenge, but we are happy that we still managed to build an idea through feedback received earlier.

What we learned

Sometimes another app is not the way to go. Sometimes what you need is good optimisation through massive amounts of different data from separate data banks.

What's next for Team NanoSpark STARA

We look forward to seeing you in 7.12. to discuss the possible continuation of this project. Since next we are looking for a pilot possibility with Stara. We are hoping to execute this project through fast development and easy to launch parts that can also enable other parties to collaborate and create value in our platform. After that we are already dreaming of an opportunity to expand this solution to more smart cities than just Helsinki. We would also like to expand the current solution with out of the box ideas and more data bases to see just how much we can get done with our optimisation for Helsinki.

Built With

  • big-data
  • finnish-meteorological-institutes-open-data
  • geo-server
  • helsinki-region-info-share
  • openstreetmap
  • stara-equipment-data-bank
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