The application is inspired by the need for a well integrated medical platform that puts the patient first and supports the IT system of the healthcare service providers to provide efficient medical service to potential customers. Due to the availability of such a system in the industry the need to develop this app has emerged after interviewing patients, healthcare technology providers and doctors. The idea is to have one stop shop for the patient for everything that is related to health care service.

What it does

MyMed Journey is a mobile app that uses Artificial Intelligence and aims to build a "bridge" between healthcare providers and the patients. The application gives a holistic view of the healthcare service journey. The journey is displayed as a timeline that automatically updates and gives a personalized view of the healthcare journey for the patient.

How we built it

The design of the application is sub-divided into main categories, mainly: Research, Ideation phase, the mock-up, the prototyping and testing. During the research phase, Interviews were conducted to document the best and worst healthcare experiences and how it affected the satisfaction of the patient with the health care providers. In the end they were asked to mention what they would change if they have to improve the user experience. The replies from the patients were used as input to build MyMed Journey app.

Once the problem was defined during the research phase the ideation phase started. The team visualized the potential patient journey and used "me, we, us" model to synthesize ideas. The team summarized the ideas and tried to find clusters and synergies. Once the ideation the process finished, the team came with five different mock-ups for the platform and based on the best design, the app mock-up is prepared. The mock-up is composed of reactive components that present the journey the patient needs to take. The most important parts of the journey is summarized in such a way that the app is compact and can be usable with minimal confusion. A paper mock-up of the app is attached here for illustration. The mock-up was tested with other Dash participants to get feedback in order to improve it.

Challenges we ran into

  • Problem definition.
  • Understanding the customer need.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Team dynamics
  • Defined the problem
  • Idea generation
  • Developing the concept

What we learned

  • New techniques for brainstorming
  • Implementation phase in design thinking
  • Learned more about healthcare sector
  • Team working skills

What's next for MyMed Journey

  • Integrate to the in-house medical system used by potential customers.


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