We wanted to provide teachers and students in refugee schools with a simple, central hub for interacting in a virtual classroom setting to ensure that children can learn from a safe location. With some courses pre-populated with basic safety tips for women and girls, teachers can get a sense of how the platform should be used, and gamification creates an incentive to level-up and compete among classmates.

What it does

TeacHer is an interactive platform for teachers and students to collaborate in an online learning environment that can be accessed through the web. TeacHer offers customizable courses for instructors to facilitate the learning experience of their students focusing on their health and safety. TeacHer streamlines the connection between wisdom and curiosity!

How we built it

We utilized and implemented an open source learning management system that can be deployed through the web and accessed through web enabled devices. We then deployed TeacHer to a remote server where users can login using Facebook and share their achievement on social media.

Challenges we ran into

Time constraints and budgeting slowed production along with errors regarding hosting, database pooling, and caching. Specifically we had an error that kept coming up and it came down to that we were not allocating enough memory to host, a few quick clicks and we were on our way again to finishing development.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have a working prototype that can fulfill our functional requirements. We are happy to say that we feel confident in the tool we have modified and tailored for the use of education of women in refugee camps. We have a web based application that can allow girls to study from home where they may feel safer then at a school house.

What we learned

Always putting the time in learning the details of the platform by reading documentation and utilizing the work of others. Learning to utilize open source project and implement it in a meaningful way. We also used this opportunity to research more about the details of refugee camps to try and better cater to the needs and limitations that a female student might face.

What's next for teacHer

Next we plan on testing our platform to beta testers for feedback that we can use to iterate our project to be tested in enabled areas where women and girls are underrepresented in education for their area. We will continue to think of ways that we can expand this application and customize the options so that we can optimize the learning experience for each student.

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