I have always been fascinated by the use of Morse code, more so after watching the movie Parasite. Hence I have written basic python code to convert English into morse code.


Created a basic Discord bot with no functionality. It simply prints "Bot is Ready" in the terminal when you run the python file. Will work on it further to give it added functionality.

Day 5

A previous project where node.js was used to run Hello World is now converted to an .🍇 project! Design a Mascot - An Adobe Illustrator tutorial was followed to design Freida the Frog

Day 3

Logo created for the project where we print Hello World in the terminal using node.js

Day 2

I saw news where Sweden was paying drivers to slow down on highways This resulted in reduction of speeding by 22%! My idea for reducing food waste in hostel canteens is mess is inspired from the same

Ideation: In our hostel mess, a lot of food is wasted on a daily basis. We should invent a method to calculate a fine proportional to the amount of food being wasted by an individual, which will automatically be deducted from their mess accounts and then redistributed among those who do not waste food. By giving people a financial incentive to curb food wastage, I think there's a good chance that the amount of food wasted will reduce drastically

Day 1

Used node.js for printing Hello World. Challenges I ran into - Couldn't download chocolatey for package management.

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