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As a recent graduate participating in hackathons with other students, I realized how few opportunities people are aware of. I have travelled to places like US, Germany, Singapore, Thailand and Korea – while a student thanks to all the opportunities I kept track of and was aware of. This could be through websites like YouthOp or simply following my seniors on LinkedIn. It was an incredibly time-consuming task writing applications for each of these events, making resumes for internships, while simultaneously also preparing for GRE/GMAT for higher studies. I realized I can give back to the student community by sharing such resources with students freely.

What it does

The website serves two purposes. One is as a medium for students to connect with me for meetings and get access to weekly resources like application templates, best practices, interview tips and competitive exam preparation. The other is for presenting my projects and journey to potential recruiters.

How I built it

I used a HubSpot Marketplace theme which resonated with me and began transferring content from my previous website. I added a meeting link to connect with students. I added a form where students can register and be added to the mailing list. I also have a separate blog subdomain where I can now freely share my thoughts. The integration with Calendly is wonderful since I use that when connecting with people on LinkedIn.

Challenges I ran into

This was my first time using a CMS. I didn’t even know the full form of terms like CMS and CRM prior to this competition. I struggled with trying to set up a developer account to make modifications to a marketplace theme – so I ultimately decided to not make any modifications. Apart from that there were a few SEO recommendations that I couldn’t figure out the implementation of.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Super proud of having a running, secure and beautiful website. In my understanding it provides easy access to students for booking meetings and for everyone to see my journey as a student at IIT Bombay. Having a blog of my own gives me immense happiness. Can’t wait to write more material and keep uploading new thoughts!

What I learned

Just by looking at the Hubspot portal and YouTube videos I learnt so much of what goes into developing a relation with a customer – CTA, SEO, Contacts, Email marketing. It is definitely something that seems like a mountain to climb when starting off alone. I learnt how to integrate other apps into HubSpot, how to design a website and make changes of my own by working with modules.

What's next

I plan to go through the complete set of SEO recommendations to ensure my website Is optimized. I also have set up the chatflow for a live chat window on my website – so I will be publishing that soon. Currently I am doing a course on basics of HTML, CSS and Javascript on Coursera so I can work in the developer mode on HubSpot. Now I need to finalise on the resources I will be sharing and the newsletters. Hopefully a podcast I am working on will also be available on the website very soon. In terms of expansion, after conversations with people - I have received suggestions on making the student consulting arm a separate website independent of my portfolio. Let’s see!

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