I have began learning java web technologies and how to contact REST apis and so I decided I wanted to try to take my skills to the next level by going for a relatively ambitious project based on my experience level

What it does

It provides a simple user interface to plan a road trip from their location and email themselves the information

How I built it

I used HTML, Javascript, Bootstrap and some CSS for the front-end, Java for the backend, tomcat as the server provider, and the Java Mail api to send mail.

Challenges I ran into

I had to use a considerable amount of Javascript to get the appropriate data for the server and get the maps working; as someone who is not comfortable with Javascript this was quiet difficult. As well, when using the Java Mail Api I seemed to have gotten a strange ClassNotFoundException that took me quiet some time to fix

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Creating a potentially useful app using technologies I am not too familiar with; this has been an incredible learning experience to get my hands dirty with web development and REST apis.

What I learned

How to use some of the many apis provided by google, how to send mail programmatically via Java, and some parts of Javascript applicable to web development

What's next for Take me Somewhere

Adding real user authentication with a database and the JDBC, and adding waypoint functionality in the directions page.

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