We wanted to make an app that solves a real life problem and an app that is simple, yet elegant. One of our team members is young, high school. So, we thought what if someday he is coming back from a party late at night and was told to text his friends after he reached home. But, he is too tired to do that. So, what he does is he enters his address, a text number and some text on an app and registers it to the app just before leaving the party. Now, as soon as he enters or is in vicinity of his home, the app texts the number sending them the message that was written. This is what was in our mind when we thought of Sync. This is called Geofencing and this could be applied in so many situations. This could be a reminder to buy something from a grocery shop that you have been forgetting every now and then. So, you basically have an entry on Sync that sends you a text message when you reach the target destination. This could be a worried mother who is sending her child (son/daughter) to his/her friends place and want the child to leave by a certain time. She sets up a Sync on the child's phone so that it reminds the child or even reminds her to pick up her child on time. So, the target user could be any age. We used Twilio API to make this functionality of sending text message come true and I think the idea of sending text is ingenious since it is something cross platform, accessible without any network connection.

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