Soylent is an innovative drink that combines the calories and nutrients of a meal into one convenient bottle. However, there is an untapped market of bodybuilders and athletes that are missing out on this revelation because it is not advertised in their language. Swolent bridges this gap by bringing all of the beloved Soylent flavors into a new realm of consumers.

What it does

With 20g of bro-tein per 14 oz. drink, this product has the potential to become a staple part of any person's workout routine. Used as a pre-workout or a recovery drink, this beverage provides a carefully calculated ratio of carbohydrates and protein to maintain energy levels while making gains.

What's next for swolent

While Soylent already maintains a line of protein powders, our models show that swolent will find greater commercial success in sales due to upcoming selection of recipes that can be made with minimal dishes and ingredients, so people can focus on their strength while we keep organize their health.

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