Our inspiration stemmed largely from the concepts of the social media app, Snapchat.

How it works

After signing up and creating a profile, each user can add theirs friends. Users send their friends pictures which last indefinitely, until the sender terminates the picture, or the receiver swipes past the picture to see a more recent picture.

Challenges I ran into

A couple obstacles we ran into were trying to make interactive transitions work or why images were deleting without interaction from the user.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud of the overall simple and clean looking design and the segues implemented (which were considerably harder to accomplish than expected).

What I learned

We learned a lot more about coding for iOS, including the new language, Swift. For example, we learned how to implement radio buttons, interactive transition segues, and incorporating deletion of images.

What's next for Swipit

There are always small tweaks that can be made and we would like to implement a more intricate friending system so that users are much more encouraged to connect.

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