Delayed train, missed the flight? Our app helps anyone who happens to have more spare time that he thought. We help them to make the best out of their time. And because people normally don't know what they want, they can opt-in to get guided to an event which he does not know while he travels to have him super surprised and super amazed when he arrives.

What it does

The webapp asks a location and a timeframe from the user. With this information, we present him suggestions on what he can do in this timespan. The user can hint at his preferences to enhance the suggestions. The user can indicate that he does not want to know where he will go. In this case, the app gives directions to the event by only showing the next step in his journey.

Challenges we ran into

Requesting information for some APIs turned out to be time-consuming. Therefore we needed to change our plans in the last minute to enhance the user experience. The other problem that we faced throughout the project is that it is fairly easy to swap coordinates. We were struggling not to accidentally mistake longitudes for latitudes and the other way round.

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