Since last semester, I (Maxime) started using a time tracking service to track how much time I spend studying or working for my various courses. I found that it boosts my productivity significantly and I recommended it to many of my friends.

However, as time went on, I grew more and more frustrated with the different time tracking services on the market. All are oriented towards self-employed people or businesses, making it difficult and unintuitive to refit the service for student use. That's why we thought there might be a market for a time tracking app that's catered specifically towards students.

What it does

The app allows students to track their time spent studying or making assignments. As this data accumulates, it may be used, for example, to turn more focus towards classes that need it, or to optimize one's workflow by seeing exactly how much time they can spend on school, on average, each week.

How I built it

We built our web app using Angular as our framework, with the Angular Material extension to quickly create a good looking app. We also worked on a back-end using and JPA, however we could not finish this one in time for the pitch.

Challenges I ran into

Angular can be very finnicky when it comes to updating values of tables and such. These issues seem small in appearance, but may result in large time sinks as a result.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

That we finally have a tool that is tailored to the way we use time tracking, instead of refitting services like Toggl for our own use.

What I learned

We came to the challenge with people who had knowledge of front-end development in Angular, and with back-end knowledge in Java. I believe everyone has learnt a lot about the other side of developing an app, which makes us all better full-stack developers.

What's next for Study Time

We wish to make the app more robust, and finish the back-end so that we can safely store all our timer entries. We are also interested in adding tools that allow for collaborative projects, so timers of different users may be viewed together to get an idea of group productivity.

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