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This app is based on a very popular internet meme called Greentext stories that blew up in popularity in Reddit and 4Chan channels. This application allows any person to now be a part of this hilarious social trend.

How it works

Storify is very simple- One person starts a sentence, and another person continues with the next sentence, and so on forward. Start a story with a simple title and one sentence, or anonymously add the next sentence to other incomplete stories. Rate, favorite, and thumbs up the stories you think are the funniest. And remember there's only one rule: Have Fun.

Challenges I ran into

Database management Syncing real time Andorid UI

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Working application with user integration. Beautiful UX and UI design.

What I learned

Relational Databases Java/Android UI and UX Design

What's next for Storify

Geo Fencing for College campuses and high schools to put together people within similar age groups.

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