Why do we love video games? Because of flashy graphics? Because of story lines? No! it's because they drag us in kicking and screaming with their addictive power. Stock Market Simulator follows the final moments in John Bial's life as a day trader. Worked into a state of Psychosis by his profession, he see's numbers everywhere he looks. Even on his way to death! Help John rest in peace by making his last minutes on earth worry free. Dodge the stock quotes so John doesn't have to die thinking of work. You can also throw objects at them with the space bar to make them disappear! You can even soften the sweet release of death with some extra green. Be on the lookout for money floating around as you fall. But watch out, if you get caught up in a stock, it'll steal some of your happiness away. Too many run ins and and you'll die from a bankrupt heart attack before even hitting that concrete!

(Rated T for Teen due to taking a comical nature to suicide.

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