/ˌsteɡəˈnäɡrəfi/ | noun | the practice of concealing messages or information within other nonsecret text or data.

To the normal onlooker, stegosaurus is a Chrome-extension chat client, allowing you to connect with friends from social media sites on one convenient interface. But under the hood, stegosaurus is a powerhouse for communication. Using discrete cosine transformation, better known as DCT, we gather and process JPEG images, altering their least important bits to make simple image files into carriers of vital messages.

Hundred of millions around the world will be limited in their freedom of speech this year. stegosaurus gives those people and opportunity to communicate with others in a safe and protected way. Unlike simply encrypting messages, steganography offers plausible deniability. Users are protected from attempts to decode their messages as it will not be evident that they are sending encoded messages in the first place. stegosaurus can be used by a multitude of people. Those trapped in domestic violence or those silenced by an oppressive government will now be able to find communication that is accessible, safe, and essential.


-- Zip up the src directory and rename the extension to .crx and install in Chrome! Below instructions are for the Hackathon demo version

  • Upload the PHP files to a PHP server
  • Use the .sql file to create the schema
  • Add credentials to the PHP files
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