The art style is from the pallet of Bob Ross and the game itself is inspired from the Winter theme of the Hackathon

What is it

A never ending snow boarding game! Dodge as many obstacles as you can to rack up those style points

How we built it

We used C++ with SDL for the back end and Photoshop with Pyxel Edit for the animation

Challenges we ran into

Various SDL errors that made us rethink how we were gonna tackle this problem.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We got fluid animations and a really good engine to back it up what more could a dev team ask for.

What we learned

Animating and porting into SDL can sometimes involve a lot of back an fourth between the developer and the animator it is good to have backups , save every state of animating , and always keep the coffee on stand by.

What's next for Steep Slopes

Thinking maybe port it to mobile , or uploading to the Steam Market place. The future is unknown though!

Built With

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