It has been estimated that there are more severe consequences and even higher death rates for people with Covid-19 if they have pre-existing cardiovascular disease or metabolic syndrome.

Metabolic syndrome is defined as the presence of three or more clinical conditions such as central obesity, hypertension, and diabetes.

It is possible that people within the ideal weight range can also be affected by metabolic syndrome. This is why it is important to evaluate the distribution of body fat.

Our aim is to provide an anonymous easy-to-use tool and give people awareness on their personal risk in order to make the right decision between going back to normality or continuing with social isolation.

Prevention is the keyword Keep monitoring your Metabolic Syndrome Potential Risks in an easier, faster and cheaper way

What it does

StayHome analysis is based on over 30 years of clinical nutrition experience of the team founder Professor Paolo De Cristofaro.

Based on hundreds of scientific papers, evidence and comparison with traditional tools and medical devices, it provides a complete health check on your BMI, fat mass, lean mass, cardiovascular and metabolic syndrome potential risk by analysing the circumference of specific points on your body.

You just need a measuring tape, scales, and insert the required information into the app.

StayHome will provide a complete health report on your:

  • Lifestyle
  • Body composition
  • Metabolic syndrome Risk factors

Moreover, the StayHome Index will give you a score on your potential risk of getting serious consequences from Covid-19.

Studies showed that people with certain conditions had higher chances of getting severe consequences from Covid-19, such as Intensive Care and even death.

StayHome Index provides a score based on the sum of different risk factors, such as:

  • Age
  • Sex
  • Clinical condition (comorbidities)
  • BMI
  • Central adiposity
  • Cardiovascular and metabolic syndrome risk

You can share your StayHome Score with your family, friends, co-workers, boss, and doctor in order to inform them on your status.

Where the idea came from

As a company (Nubentech Srl) we already work in the nutritional and fitness industry, developing digital solutions for body composition analysis, nutritional status, evaluation of potential risks from metabolic syndrome (Morphogram®). Reading news, scientific and clinical papers, and talking with doctors who are working in COVID-19 Intensive care units, we have seen the correlation between people affected by COVID-19 in intensive care (intubation) and the risk factors related to bad nutritional status. In these two days, we have just put the pieces all together, invented a new formula that considers every information found in these scientific papers and make the test easier, faster and cheaper

What after COVID-19

We know that the pandemic will end, and we really hope as soon as possible! Our vision after the COVID-19 is provide to users a low-cost tool to track their body composition conditions (lean mass, fat mass, fat distribution, and so on) and also develop API fo any 3rd party app/solution that wants to expand their portfolio of service with our evaluation and tracking system.

How we built it

The MVP is a web app built using Angular 8. We won't collect any sensitive data unless the user decides to take a premium analysis, gives us his/her email and payment details.

Challenges we ran into

Covid-19 is a nowadays reality. But soon we will have to face a new chapter of this crisis which will be COEXIST with the virus. We built a solution that will help to manage this new challenge, giving people a tool to self-analyse their health status and prevent to get serious consequences from the Virus, such as Intensive Care and even death.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our method (Morphogram®) is based on 30 years of experience in clinical nutrition and 2 years of clinical tests. StayHome project is a spin off of the startup Nubentech which has been rewarded as Excellence of The Year 2020 at the Life Science Excellence Awards as Marketing & Digital Solution for the cardiology.

What we learned

We learned that simple ideas can make a difference.

What's next for StayHome

We will develop the Premium Analysis, which will provide new useful information to the user, such as the somatotype, abdominal volume, metabolism, sleep apnea risk factor, the energy expenditure and the daily protein need. Also, we will develop API integration, to connect StayHome with other services and we will work to improve the UX.

To make all this possible we need resources and partnership. If you are interested in our project join our network and contact us.

Stay Safe, StayHome


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posted an update

Update after a whole day of hard work:

We've spoken with 37 people, really helpful feedback. We need to explain better our solution in a few words because at the beginning there is a lack of credibility but when we spend more time explaining better how the process works and how many proof and scientific papers about anthropometry there are, everything becomes more clear and reasonable.

At the end of the day:

  • Pitch: 70% done. Just complete the design of the last slides
  • Video pitch: the first version is done. We will improve it tomorrow.
  • Web app: 60% done. We are still working on it, will try to finish it before tomorrow lunch

We've made a list of 60 people we would like to introduce our idea tomorrow to test the web app and receive feedback.

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posted an update

Hi Guys, here are the next steps to achieve for today Friday 24th:

  1. A clear view of the problem and who is our target customer
  2. Brainstorming session
  3. Choose one idea from brainstorming to work on
  4. @Andrea @Paolo you two guys work on the medical and scientific point of you of the idea, let's base on scientific evidence (we will need them in the presentation).
  5. @Peppe please start to have a look at the IT solution. Something easy to build in 48h, I suggest a web application or a mobile app developed in Ionic.
  6. I'm starting to sketch the slides of the pitch and define the steps of Saturday according to the news of the next Skype call.

Talk soon on Skype!

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