• dated April 7, 2020

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We should all listen to Chris Franklin and Bob E Kelly, creators of the _ Stay the F*CK at Home Song _


As the case numbers continue to grow, many seem to still be under the impression that the government will save us all. But they won’t.The governments around the world are barely keeping afloat amidst this chaos and the doctors and law enforcements are on their knees, pleading for people to stay home while they themselves are putting their own lives at risk for the sake of humanity.

Want to see doctors, celebs and more beg or entertain? Just take a look at our resources page while clicking around the app!

It's easy to put the blame for such behavior on human nature, but at the core of it we are all in a state of uncertainty, fear and panic. Plus "self isolation" and "practice social distancing" are new terms, they seem unfamiliar, but yet the new normal.

We want to help people understand the urgency and be aware of the importance of staying at home around the world. This is a fun, yet hopefully impactful experience, we hope that folks will enjoy from the comfort of their own home. The power is in numbers.

So, enough is enough. We only have this to say:

Stay the FK at home people....Spread the word. #STFAH**

What it does

As you are reading this right now:

There are infected people walking around not knowing that they are a carrier simply because they don’t have symptoms.

There are perfectly healthy people, walking around thinking that the virus can’t touch them, simply because they have no idea how serious it is or think they are invisible and flat ignore the problem. Don’t forget the majority of people are ASYMPTOMATIC.

Here is what a user does to make their statement:

Upload or snap selfie to stayhome.care Choose a filter with your statement Download or share your image

Additional features:

To cater to the global community, we are rolling out filters in several languages, currently we have English, Spanish and Chinese. Submit a statement to pledge and we’ll create the filter and add to the experience

Features/changes in production:

Disable curse words User filter submission with guidelines Feature request page A UI refresh UX updates to improve experience

How we built it

This project is built from scratch on Laravel using PHP. Details are in the tags.

Challenges we ran into

Timing and resources. Luckily for us, our client workload is still moving, resource and timing compromises had to be made.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of


What we learned

Our team works in an interactive process, therefore, via retrospectives, a well maintained backlog, standup and internal products, we are always improving our process and learning from ourselves.

What we really have learned in this process is more about how a global community can come together and respond through platforms like this. It’s impressive and we’re glad to be a small part of it.

What's next for Stay the F*** Home

Features/changes in production:

Disable curse words Deeper analytics - by upload instances, time on page User filter submission with guidelines Feature request page A UI refresh UX updates to improve experience

These are a few, backlog is already jammed with ideas.


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How do we collect feedback?

Google forms available on site.

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