People feel overwhelmed with effects of climate change. They experience climate change as a big force no one can stop and there is no possibility to change something about it. This perception is negative and one sided. We want to show possibilities how to get involved and emphasize all the actives we as a society do to protect nature. We want to create a vibrant and positive attitude, everyone feels part of and therefore also behaves environmentally friendly. The energy that will give this project its spark of life is the direct awareness and impact of natural disasters such as forest fires in BC, Canada to see the need for immediate action form everyone of us!

What it does

Get people involved in small steps regards environmental safety. We want to create an interactive platform open to everyone and also inform people regarding natural disasters, more specifically forest fires.

How I built it

We started with a vision of activating people and performed brain storming based on this. We decided to create a platform where users and small local shops can upload tasks. After proofing this task with a picture the reward gets transferred and people see all the small good deeds and how they had an impact. We started with a design and some wire framing and then implemented in html. We worked with an API and java script to get a map with forest fires in the application and coded the quiz with java script.

Challenges I ran into

Finding the right format of the API in order to use it in java script. Keeping focus on the main idea of the product and put great ideas on the waiting list.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Include a map of fire spots into an app

What I learned

Working with Javascript and APIs. Furthermore collaborating in a team and project layout including time management and communication.

What's next for Stay Safe - when contribution pays off #14

Go for areas outside of BC and add other natural disasters as well. Try keeping it specific for each region

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