I have previously created a Blockstack application known as StarkCrate, and decided to take this application a step further

What it does

I basically built an extension that allows you to login to the application with Torus. This means anyone can be able to not update their Blockstack applications so that they are Torus compatible as well. You can run:

npm i torus-blockstack-demo

To install it

How I built it

I downloaded the Torus NPM module, then I only had to put the line:

import Torus from "@toruslabs/torus-embed";

As the first new line of the Signin.jsx file under components, then in the body of my app's index.html file, I put:

<script src=""

which I got from the Torus documentation

Challenges I ran into

I am still running into a few problems with the routing and sign in, it seems like it can be related to the cross origin tag. Besides that, I am happy so far with what I have developed.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I published my first public NPM package, and it has a use case

What I learned

Got introduced to Torus

What's next for StarkCrate - Torus Edition

Perhaps I may expand the code base, and allow it to become a bit more user friendly

Built With

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