I was getting started with Blockstack because of this app challenge and went over the storage tutorial, trying to customize some of the open source code.

What it does

Originally, I was trying to build the tutorial then add task management to it, but I kept running into a problem running it statically. The code worked fine locally but when I ran it statically, I kept getting: (

How I built it

Was just doing the basic tutorial in the beginning, installed node dependencies, updated routing and headers, then tried deploying with Netlify, GitPod and even DigitalOcean with little luck

Challenges I ran into

Running it statically was a hassle, even after changing NodeJS version, reinstalling dependencies and debugging plugins/modules

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Ran it locally and started getting used to Blockstack, will update the repo in the future and maybe give this a second try

What I learned

Plan ahead, I had only a few hours of time for this Hackathon, hence the "half-submission", plus stackoverflow still may be a developer's best friend

What's next for StarkCrate

Not sure yet, maybe wrap this up and submit for App mining???

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