Mr. Dave Engberg addressed the need for new solutions to change the current health behavior’s of Diabetic people and their management of medication, consistent exercise and healthy eating daily. We looked up the current digital solutions for T2D patients and found no existing, all-in-one app for the four main pillars of managing diabetes, which are exercise, glucose control, diet and medication compliance. Therefore, we looked at the different apps and picked the best aspects of those and integrated into one app. We aimed to keep the app simple and easy to use. Furthermore, we developed an idea that would potentially make it easier for T2D patients to eat healthier, not by restricting them to a diet, but by giving them options of home-cooking, delivery of premade foods, and / or creating their own recipe. Our goal is to give the patient flexibility enough for them to feel they have kept their autonomy, yet not to create the paradox of too many choices. This approach also applies to the exercise aspect of the app.

What it does:

The product is an iOS application that includes features that a Type 2 Diabetic may need in their day-to-day life. The main features include a diet tracker with integrated meal plans, exercise, glucose monitoring, and medication. The diet tracker and meal plans can potentially connect to Amazon Prime Pantry to create a seamless shopping experience. The exercise feature monitors heart rate, frequency, rigor, etc. and a forum feature can be implemented to find exercise partners nearby with similar goals.

How we build it:

We built the iOS application using Swift in XCode. Node.js, Express.js, Mongoose, and MongoDB were utilized to create a server-side backend that connects to a database with user information. Google Cloud Platform was used to connect the MongoDB cluster to the network. We used GitHub for version control and it was the most familiar for all of us.

Challenges we ran into:

A major issue we ran into was that one of our developers was unable to access XCode and Swift due to its exclusivity to MacOS. Therefore, we had re-delegate roles in accordance to everyone’s strengths. Another challenge we ran into was issues with Git nuances. However, it was fixed with a little troubleshooting. Since we only had a little over 24 hours to complete this project, time was not on our side. The lack of sleep may have hindered our efficiency.

Accomplishments we are proud of:

IT WORKS! This is every developer’s dream. Given that some features are not fully fleshed out, we are proud to have a working product after only 24 hours of development. We all learned a lot from each other and we were lucky to have a great team dynamic free of any major issues.

What we learned:

Above all things, we learned the importance of teamwork and diversity. You need more than software developers to make a well-rounded product. We also individually learned more about technologies and frameworks such as MongoDB and Google Cloud Platform.

What’s next:

We would like to add future implementations to further grow our app and keep up with maintenance.

Future implementations include:

  • Collaborating with pre-existing software to integrate into our product
  • Working with a physical glucose monitor to make data more accurate
  • Initialize clinical trial application process
  • Hire developers
  • Cement grants for development and security costs
  • Negotiate deal with Amazon Prime
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