This project is inspired by the famous quote from Benjamin Franklin: “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”

We want to create solutions that engages the patients and gives them the insight of their conditions throughout their stay at the NYP in able to empower them. Today, app-based solutions, able to perform on smartphone or tablets, have a potential to enhance the patient experience while in the hospital as well as the quality of care, both inside and outside of the hospital.App-based solutions have the potential to deliver tailored, curated information, at the right time, to the patient.

We are a young French-based team composed of technical heads as well as medical heads. We are passionate about mhealth and have put our minds together to create new ways of reshaping health as we know it today.

The development of the tool we are building for NYP is based on our technical as well as medical experience: Two doctors are part of the team, each representing a different approach to care (psychiatrist and surgeon). Also we have a UX-designer specialised in patient-centric approaches. We have further teamed up with a skilled a developer to validate technical challenges that we may encounter. And last but not least, we have strong entrepreneur spirits included in this team to help us explore new fields and innovate ways of thinking.

How it works

What if a patient entering the hospital could find all the information he or she needs on the structure on a free app? What if this app could then be personalized by the nurses as the patient enters the ward? What if this personalization allowed the nurses to implement multimedia information on the diseases, and potential treatment the patient could receive? What if the patient could also consolidate his therapeutic education with a simple quiz? What if his progress could be monitored by the health professionals and important points discussed? What if the patient could leave the hospital with the information’s needed to better take care of him-/herself? What if the application could also let patients and nurses better communicate on their whereabouts in the hospital, allowing for peace of mind for both parties and less failed appointments?

This is the application we are proposing today.

Challenges I ran into

Dealing with a different health system. European and American hospital, although alike, do have subtle differences and specificities.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Putting myself in the "patient shoes", trying to answer the potential needs of patients with chronic diseases

What I learned

A lot has already been done in patients' portal app but there s still room for improvement

What's next for us

To continue working on this app. We are also eager to discover new horizons. We have the ideas, imagination and skills.

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