Recruiting for college students is an overwhelming process. Students want to make the best decisions for their early career, and it can be really difficult to find information specific to internships and new grad jobs. Resources like Glassdoor, Indeed, and LinkedIn include job reviews and salaries from a wide range of people and require payment to gain full access to this information. Squeegee promotes transparency around the recruiting process and allows students to have the information they need to successfully navigate their careers. Additionally, access to this information reveals and pay gaps for underrepresented groups.

What it does

Squeegee is a one-stop shop for company reviews, program experiences, interview tips, pay ranges, budgeting tips, and more for young adults, by young adults. No paywall, no executive reviews, no BS.

Young people need clarity when going into their first internships and jobs, and that's difficult to find without an extensive network of connections who can help them understand what's fair. Underrepresented communities don't need an opaque wall standing between them and their dream career. Squeegee clears the way for all.

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