We wanted to do something with Unity and we thought and there's no game similar to our idea

What it does

It searches for other players near you and allows you to attack them by playing a minigame. The other player has to play the minigame and try to defend itself. You can search the other players using a radar that scans for nearby users. In order to attack them you need to be at least at 30 meters.

How we built it

For the client side we used Unity with C# scripts. The backend uses PHP with a MySQL database and implements an http API to attack, defend or update locations between clients.

Challenges we ran into

Our Unity skills were negligible and we barely knew how to create an API. The Unity location service gave us some headaches and the implementation of notifications was impossible. Designing the UI took more time than expected. Also project the GPS coordinates into a 2D plane.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Users can attack between themselves and the radar, the minigame and the database work fine.

What we learned

Teamwork, how to work and "sleep", tons of Unity, mathematics and Git.

What's next for SpyHack

We want to add a compass and rotate the radar according to the north direction. Add bonus and classes (countries that gives bonusses). Also improve UI and performance.

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