‘SPLUNK INTELLIPRETER for Android’ is a complete Big Data Solution for analyzing error Log Data from Android devices. This solution can support error data collection across multiple Android Versions, Phone Models and Release Versions in real-time, hence providing OEMs with a 360-degree view of all their products. It is a very useful tool for Android OEMs in need of monitoring their device’s performance prior to the market release.

Due to Dependencies, This App ‘Splunk INTELLIPRETER’ that we have posted for Splunk Apptitude Challenge is a Trial Version of the Original App created under this solution. For more information and details on the complete solution you can contact us.

Use Cases

  • Single Point Monitoring of Release performance across multiple Build Programs
  • Itemized Analysis and Root cause based on all the collected records for any Error Reported
  • User Customizable Release Monitoring & Release Comparison

Key Components

These are the Device and Server side components required for the Actual or Wi-Fi Router based deployment of this Solution

  • INTELLIPRETER - Splunk Enterprise Application
  • Splunk Forwarder
  • ACRA STORAGE - Log & Report Collection Server
  • Crash Reporter - Android APK to be installed on Devices for tapping the Error Instance, Data Collection and Upload


  • Real-time Operational Intelligence for monitoring Release performance across multiple Build Programs
  • Descriptive Analytics per Android Version, Phone Model and Releases
  • Monitoring Dashboard Creation & Customization
  • Error Trends Visualization
  • Issue Drilldown & Android Level Analysis – Feature not supported in Trial Version
  • MTBF Reporting for Release Performance Monitoring
  • Error Categorization Sunburst
  • Device & Server Side Implementation for Log Collection & Storage - Feature not supported in Trial Version


Full installation documentation is provided in the the zip attached along with this submission.

Demo Data and Extra info

We are providing a sample Error Report File received from the field device (SampleDataFiles.rar) with zip attached with this submission. In actual deployment the data is collected directly from Android devices on to Acra Storage Servers and we use Universal Forwarders to move all the data to our Splunk Enterprise


  • Splunk Enterprise 6.2
  • Python 2.7
  • Android Version 4.1 and above
  • couchdb-1.6.0_R16B02
  • acra-4.5.0

Future Enhancements

We plan to enhance ‘SPLUNK INTELLIPRETER for Android’ with following features:

  • Release Comparison
  • Report Generation
  • Advanced Data Mining to Improvise Issue Analysis
  • Pivoting
  • App Usage Analysis

Differentiators in the market

  • The primary USP of our solution is that:
  • a. It can analyze and visualize all the error data from all apps installed on the device
    b. It can do this for all the devices that have our APK installed
  • Analytics on Collective Data from many devices (multiple Android Versions, Device Models, and releases) is potentially able to give easy, meaningful and bigger insights into the Android Log Data.

Closing Notes

This app is being created by Ashish Kumar Yadav,Saket Kumar & Neha Bandi from L&T Technology Services. For more information about this App and more work we do in Splunk, please contact us at Splunk.Solutions@lnttechservices.com OR neha.bandi@lnttechservices.com

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