Many organisation used cassandra as NoSQL database to handle large amount of data. so its necessary to monitor health of cassandra clusters. Cassandra is a famous NoSQL database and there is not any good monitoring tool available. Splunk is a good solution for this and provide real time monitoring of clusters nodes The Splunk App for Cassandra provides general health monitoring reports and metrics for Cassandra Clusters Nodes. There are two folders , one is add-on "Splunk_TA_cassandra" and other is app "splunk_app_for_cassandra". You have to install add-on in all Cassandra nodes in clusters with Splunk forwarder and install app in indexer or search head where you can see reports/dashboards.

How to install

There are two folders- one is Cassandra app and another is Cassandra add-on Install add on in each nodes in clusters and enable scripts in inputs.conf in this add on. These scripts are written in perl so you should have perl installed in each node in clusters. Set destination ip address(indexer) in outputs.conf file. Install app in indexers/search head.


Key features

  • Real time monitoring of cluster nodes status
  • CPU statistics.
  • Load on Cluster Nodes
  • Memory stastics
  • CPU Stastics
  • Input/output statistics
  • Keyspace, compaction ,gossip and tables information

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