Well, its always said that when you are thinking about an idea one should be open-minded for one doesn't know when and where the inspiration may come from. For Building Tizi Tizi My inspiration came from youtube. Yes, Youtube Video just came across a youtube video as I was searching for some inspiration and I thought, what a good Idea can it be to have a character exercising in AR and Boom the Idea was Born.

What it does

Spark AR Workout employs the power of Facebook SparkAR by using the camera to superimpose Kocha the Digital Exercise guru into your world. The Tizi Tizi workout Shows the right way of doing a different kind of exercises, helps make a light moment with a friend for sharing on social media by trying to imitate what Kocha the digital character is doing as the model can be scaled up and down and can be moved around by a tap. For Tizi Tizi it’s all about having fun while working out

How I built it

We built Tizi Tiziwith Facebook Spar AR Augmented reality application as our main tool while employing other tools that helped customized some of the assets that we used in building the platform. Our effect employees the use of animation in fbx file with the different animation saved within one fbx file. For the audio considering that the app needed to be small enough to achieve the required size of 4mb for Instagram effect, we did quite a double compression of the .M4A Mono audio so as to be able to reduce the size to a minimal. We found this site to be good in audio compression link

For the Character used we created the character in adobe fuse, customized it to our liking and then exported it to the online adobe rigging website mixamo where we did an auto rig and downloaded the rigged character ready for animation.

Using motion capture clips provided by we managed to create one sequence of our character in 3d studio max which we used to create our fbx file that we used in our effect.

For the textures, To make them small enough we converted all our textures to .jpg from .png and omitted using some of the texture maps like specular since we didn’t see the need of them as we were ok with just the diffuse and the normal map. In order to manage to achieve minimal texture size we compressed them using Photoshop and did a second compression online on the site link and link

Challenges I ran into

Well, well, well The first challenge that was that all the animation that we had could not fit into our effect as it was making the effect be out of range of the required size. So we opted to remove the majority of the effect and be left with a few that will help us prove our concept Secondly, we would have loved to have different audio sunk to the animation but the issue of escalating the size became an issue to, so we opted to just remain with a single track as per now and maybe consider doing some additional input in the near future Re-thinking the whole idea from the initial thought and conceptualization as I couldn't achieve what I had in mind first

When uploading the effect on Sparkarhub I kept getting an error that an un know error has occurred while processing the request while saving and couldn’t manage to find a way around it for hours luckily I figured out that my effect had already been saved by going back to the effect panel

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Through the problems stated above, We managed to learn a lot as when something wasn't working we had to rethink on how to achieve it. The biggest achievement that we had is seeing something that we have conceptualized from scratch coming to being Becoming super compressors  With the challenges that we faced we have managed to learn a couple of ways of achieving good compression while still maintaining good quality in our assets. Learned to use a couple of nodes in the patch editor was also an achievement -Managing to optimize the App size -We are very happy to have achieved Spark Tizi Tizi_V1 at least it gives us the hope that we are grasping the in and outs of Spark Ar and its just a matter of time before we build more awesome effects and applications

What I learned

Number 1 Troubleshooting and being patient Using Animation in Spark AR Customizing assets

What's next for Tizi Tizi

As more integration and features are added to Spark AR We will be looking to adding more features into spark AR and learning from other creative and techies and end user of what they think we can improve on as we continue to build on it and look how it can be more adopted by the community.

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