The use of wearable technology in the gaming sector to further advance the immersion of mobile gaming.

What it does

  • Its a mobile gaming application that brings an immersive experience yet also relives the glory days of 1990 indie titles as it makes a focus on a text centered notification system. It also creates a fully immersive gaming environment with the integration of wearables and physical responses.

How I built it

  • Adobe Illustrator to create all the game assets (images, backgrounds , sprites)
  • Wrote on paper sketches of how the app would work and a possible story line
  • Android studio was used to create the framework of the apps infrastructure
  • Myo API to control rumble feedback and motion sensing
  • Pebble API to control graphics and rumble feedback

Challenges I ran into

  • Myo hardware was slightly glitching which caused many "fake" software bugs.
  • The Pebble time Bluetooth was unable to pair with the Android phone at the beginning to to interference from other software.
  • Sending the data to the Myo and receiving data from the Myo in an efficient way was quite the challenge.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Using the Myo API for the first time
  • Using the Pebble API for the first time
  • Creating a Mobile Game of such complexity in such a short time.

What I learned

Our group learned how integrate the Pebble API as well as the Myo API.

What's next for Space_Commander

Further Upgrades to ensure save files is our top priority after the hackathon. In terms of other ideas we want to add more soudns , ships and maps and use the Paypal API we learned at a workshop.

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