We were inspired to create a lighthearted project that was fun to work on and involved each of our diverse skill sets. We decided to make a game with Groupon's Space Cat as the central focus with text and emoji based interactivity.

What it does

We used a Twilio API to forward text messages through an ngrok server to a node server. From there, we used web sockets to forward the text message and the related data to the front-end game client.

How we built it

It's a lovely spaghetti feast of web-sockets, node, Twilio, and phaser. Please enjoy with us.

Challenges we ran into

Hacking the game engine to use its dynamic scoping so that the Twilio app would interface with it properly, sending and receiving messages at the same time, and dealing with a single thread. In terms of design, we ran into problems with animation.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Setting up Twilio, working with nasty nodes, game libraries, and collaborating with designers/artists.

What we've learned

How to use Twilio and phaser.

What's next for Space Cat: The Asteroid Game

Space Cat 2: Apocalypse Meow

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