OVERVIEW Take dominoes to a new level with Space Arrangers! Players arrange a new piece in their space pod each turn, trying to build blobs of matching colors. The order players pick their pieces rotates each round. Pieces with stars multiply points, so don’t hide them! When all pieces are arranged, the player with the most points wins.

OBJECTIVE Arrange your pieces in in your space pod to maximize your points.

SET-UP Each Space Arranger has one empty box. All pieces are put in the game box where no players can see them.

PLAY Without looking, one player picks out pieces from the game box and puts them in the central playing space, one piece per player. Starting to the left of the chooser, each player picks a piece for their space pod. Players arrange the piece in their pod as they like. When all players agree, the player to the left of the first chooser becomes the new chooser, and the play repeats. Players cannot rearrange pieces after the round ends.

END OF GAME The game ends when the last pieces are pulled from the box and players have a chance to arrange their last piece. Note certain arrangements will prevent players from completely filling their space pod.

POINTS Points are awarded based on the colors seen on the surface of the space pod, similar to where stickers are on a Rubik’s cube. A blob is a continuous chain of color, which may span multiple sides of the pod and contain both square and triangle components, and may contain a number of stars. A square is worth two points and a triangle, one. To find the number of points a blob is worth, multiply the points of its square and triangle components, by the number of stars in the blob. This means a blob with no planets is worth no points.

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