SourceFetch is an online service and Sublime Text plugin that allows you to turn descriptions of problems into actual working source code. SourceFetch works with every language, and gives incredibly accurate results. This tool is perfect for generating solutions to difficult problems without having to leave the text editor, and greatly improves the workflow of a software developer. The user simply enters an English phrase, such as "implement web server" or "radix sort" followed by a keystroke, and SourceFetch returns a solution in the language of the source file. Computer Science is all about abstractions, and what better abstraction is there than removing the need to code? The future is nigh

SourceFetch uses a modified version of the "howdoi" command line tool, making it incredibly intuitive for beginners using Sublime. Code is found by searching StackOverflow and returning the most approved response - this means that there is an incredible amount of solutions to an incredible amount of problems accessible by our users. We implemented SourceFetch as an API in Python Flask-restful, which allows us to expand the platform to other popular text editors such as vim, emacs, eclipse and atom. Our UX team has worked really hard to create a fast web interface for queries on-the-go.

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