SOUNDTRACKED is an app where you can score your route, either by entering your own trail of songs as you move through your day, or by letting music play as you move through tracks left behind by others.

Finding new music is a never ending quest. Curated playlists have helped. SOUNDTRACKED is a location based crowd sourced curator for music. Traveling you can find the local flavor or running through the park you can pick up other people’s running tracks.


Open the app and pick a mood. Are you lounging in the park? Are you in a hurry and need some tempo? Or are you strolling on the High Line? What genre do you want to listen to? Walk along, and let the app make the playlist based on the speed of your step.


Using Spotify or Apple Music you can in the same way you like or rate your tracks, also drop them in a spot on the map.

Demo Video can be found here

And Click through demo slides here


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