To be blunt, our team was inspired by a lack of better ideas as well as the knowledge that other teams at the hackathon would have much stronger ideas. We took that anti-motivation and ran with it.

What it does

Someone Did It Better is the app for you if you would like to know just how bad you are at the most trivial tasks. The app's main function is to have the user input their personal stats for certain World Records when prompted, and then the comparison between the user and the actual World Record Holders is made.

How we built it

After developing our Big Idea, we started with pen and paper. Basic UI wireframes were sketched out and then translated to digital prototypes. From these prototypes, we began coding in Flutter with Firebase as our database.

Challenges we ran into

When we first started, we originally tried to use Mongo for our database; we found that Mongo wasn’t the best as far as compatibility with Flutter, so we opted to switch to Firebase. Along the way, we encountered minor code problems that derailed our productivity for sometimes hours at a time. In our attempt to translate our prototype UI design, we also ran into minor issues. In the end, we were more than satisfied with how close we got the final app to look like our original prototype.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

For the most part, this was essentially our team's first time building with Flutter and using Adobe Xd prior to building. We're pretty proud of what we were able to figure out, design, and build as a team.

What we learned

As a team, we took full advantage of these 36 hours to teach each other as much as we could. We introduced programs to each other like Flutter and Adobe Xd, and by the midpoint of the hackathon we were all making important contributions to our final product.

What's next for Someone Did It Better App

In the end, we just hope our users enjoy the experience our app creates.

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