During and post Covid-19 lockdown, how do we prevent the spread of the virus, while providing civilian, business owners and Government officials maintain the city services and let civilians perform day-to-day activities? How can civilians and businesses reduce the risk of infection spread, and know safe areas and the right threshold of gatherings?

What it does

This is not an application but an integration to an already existing mobile app like the 112 SoS Alarm, or an existing Government platform like website or local community platforms. This will reduce another app download for users and can be used with the existing services.

How we built it

  1. Provide Activity choices that involve going outdoors, and showcase routes to the activity they want to perform, in this case going to a store for grocery shopping, and the current crowd size so users can be rerouted to a store which are not crowded.
  2. Provide Business owners the ability to provide vital information on the amount of people within their premises, details on available goods that might be in shortage. This will help business owners maintain the right footfall, and help civilians be routed to other locations if the threshold of the crowd is going to be
  3. Use the Cell Tower and Crowdsourced data, Government officials can see the crowd distribution within their communities, be notified of any potential hotspots, help maintain active distancing protocols within Covid-19 +ve hotspots, and ensure the right distribution of civilian population
  4. Achieve the solution by integrating Government CDC data on area-based Covid-19 +ve cases, and Cell Tower data to understand Population density based on Geo-fencing area codes, with optimization of routes and alternative services based on Hotspot information.

Challenges we ran into

Getting Telco Data for Cell tower based crowd identification is still under work, as this form of data is not easily available. Also, finding Area based Covid-19 positive data instead of a whole region / country is required to show hotspots overlay on a local community map.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We came top 50 in the Swedish Hackathon for Covid 19 among 540 odd submissions.

What we learned

Correlating the Crowd information inferred from cell tower data is a viable option but needs more interfaces and that might take some time to fine tune. This can also be done using Google anonymous location data used for traffic updates and that is also a viable path forward.

What's next for SocialWise

• Develop a Progressive Web App (PWA) interface • Identify target apps / digital platforms with which the PWA interface can be integrated with (ex - or 112 SoS Alarm app) • Gather the following Data sources - • Area code wise Covid-19 positive case data from Open data by Folkhälsomyndigheten (Public Health Agency of Sweden), for each region within Sweden (Ex - • Telco Cell Tower Meta data (ex - unacast - • Google Map Integration with above data overlaid - for HeatMaps, using google.maps.visualization Library • Perform test rollout within one Region and city to understand and improve crowdsourcing accuracy

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