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We were very interested in the Splunk platform and the possibilities for data analysis of social networking.

What it does

It is a platform for businesses to track sentiment analysis using social media (Twitter) to see how the online business is going. It also tracks customers tweets and sends an auto-reply to ensure customer satisfaction. The platform also allows deep insights customer sentiments by using geographic data, demographic data and categorising the tweets themselves.

How we built it

On top of the Splunk framework using Python for automatic reply tweeting.

Challenges we ran into

  • Complications in running Splunk in the beginning
  • Took a while to learn Splunk and the APIs
  • Python connecting to Splunk was difficult
  • Twitter authorisation
  • The changing of ideas due to complications in executing those ideas

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We have a working platform
  • Creating features like auto-reply
  • Setting up geological location and demographic data in the same platform

What we learned

Make sure to decide on an idea before the 24 hour hackathon starts.

What's next for SocialHunt

Rebuild this platform in python. Also, build more features using Python to do mathematical analysis on tweets (like rate of change).

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